Monday, July 25, 2011

June 2011

So after a picture-filled May, June comes along and we slack off on the pictures.  Shame on us.  It was even Father's Day, and we didn't even take one to commemorate that day!  I did take a few random pictures of Lily being silly.
We went out on the Revels' boat, but the only pictures I took were of when we got home and Lily & Kader took a bath together.  I love having such embarrassing pictures for the future! 
Other than that, June was a month of hanging out at the pool, and with our new friends and neighbors Raz & Sam.  Hopefully we'll be better in the future of capturing more memories.

So excited that Mommy got the vacuum cleaner out

My excited little girl LOVES to eat!

Lily & Kader take a bath after a long day on the boat

"Mom! Don't take pictures of me in the bath... With a boy!"

"Uh, yeah... Don't take my picture either!"

Love, Ashlee, Jeff, & Lily


  1. LOVIN' the boat hair! hahaha! sooooo dang cute!

  2. My goodness, the babies look so little in those pictures in the tub! I'm working on updating our blog and it's turned into a thesis rather than an update :-) Love and miss ya'll!