Monday, July 25, 2011

June 2011

So after a picture-filled May, June comes along and we slack off on the pictures.  Shame on us.  It was even Father's Day, and we didn't even take one to commemorate that day!  I did take a few random pictures of Lily being silly.
We went out on the Revels' boat, but the only pictures I took were of when we got home and Lily & Kader took a bath together.  I love having such embarrassing pictures for the future! 
Other than that, June was a month of hanging out at the pool, and with our new friends and neighbors Raz & Sam.  Hopefully we'll be better in the future of capturing more memories.

So excited that Mommy got the vacuum cleaner out

My excited little girl LOVES to eat!

Lily & Kader take a bath after a long day on the boat

"Mom! Don't take pictures of me in the bath... With a boy!"

"Uh, yeah... Don't take my picture either!"

Love, Ashlee, Jeff, & Lily

May 2011

We started off May with a sleepover at the Revels'.  They live about 45 minutes away, so when we get together with them, we usually end up staying over because it's easier than waking Lily up to drive back home!
Mother's Day was in May, which was my 2nd :).  Lily got me Oriental lilies and Jeff got me roses.  Then we had a visit from Uncle Jo Jo, and then Grandpa and Meme.  We went to the Marbles Kids Museum, and I swear Jeff and Jordan had a better time than Lily!  Then when Grandpa and Meme were here, we went to the Asheboro Zoo.  We took a lot of pictures of the animals, but I left them out because I had so many other pictures!
Lily and I went to the "Got to be NC" festival with Lily's cousin Marley, and some of our neighbors, Kelli & Molli and Jes & Tia.  It was a really great festival for all of the girls - they had rides, tons of carnival food, and a petting zoo!
We wrap up May with a few pictures of Lily taking down a McDonald's cheeseburger, and a few shots of fun in the pool.
There are a lot of pictures for May, but don't feel pressured to look at them all!

Jeff - the one who is allergic to cats!

It's much more fun to look under the rug instead of playing with toys!

Is he laughing hysterically, or did Lily take him down???

Talking on her hand phone

Mother's Day with my baby

A Mother's Day kiss

Our family

The lilies (pre-bloom) & roses

Uncle Jo Jo & Lily heading into Marbles

Taking care of a horse at the pet hospital

"Look Mommy, all better!"

Off for a boat ride

Look at that whopper of a catch!

This girl isn't afraid to touch a slimy ol' fish! ;)

Down the slide she goes...

See anyone familiar in the back of the ambulance?

We had to pick up a new patient

20.6 pounds, according to the dog scale!

Checking out all the animals in their crates


Driving Daddy around the city

A sweet aquarium

Shopping for groceries

"I'll take 2 lobsters"

Daddy helps her hold up the catch of the day

Jordan & Jeff are going to prepare dinner

Jeff preparing the chicken

Lily exploring the splash table - it didn't last too long because she didn't want to keep the smock on!

Jordan as a sea turtle

Jeff the old time diver

Look at that dolphin flying over Jeff's head!

Another great trick

Daddy & Lily ride the dolphin

Mommy & Lily have their own dolphin experience

Our little scientist

Outside in the sandbox

A wolf picture for Jeff

Lily's face is on the hundred dollar bill!

Playing in the "money" pit


"It's ok to drag a dog around by the neck, right? That's how I do it with my doggies!"

Checking out the Around the World iPod

Nice purse Jeff! ;)

Jordan shows Lily a few cheering moves

Cheer or play with the iPod? How about both!

Jeff & Jordan hanging 10

Those jungle creatures look really familiar!

Mommy & Lily's turn to hang 10

Ready to play some soccer

The newest Carolina Hurricane!

When Grandpa comes to play I have to wear my "I <3 Grandpa" shirt!

At the zoo - Lily's not too sure about those giraffe, even though they didn't get close enough for us to feed them.

She did, however, LOVE the carousel! Each person took a turn riding with her.

Just a little picture of how well she's using her fork ;)

My lilies bloomed!

Molli & Marley at the festival

Tia decided to join them

Jes & Tia on the carousel

Marley, Me, & Lily

Marley rides the strawberries

And then opts for the caterpillar ride

Marley & Tia petting goats at the petting zoo

Lily gives it a try

"Where'd they go?"

Kelli gets in on the action too

These goats didn't turn down a meal

Marley - afraid of nothing!  Not even this camel.

Marley the chicken

Marley the donkey

Molli the pig

Marley the pig

Molli the sheep

Marley the sheep

Such excitement over getting to hold a whole cheeseburger instead of having it cut up into pieces!

Daddy & Lily at the pool

Uncle Austin gets some practice 

Love, Ashlee, Jeff, & Lily